20 Aug Erstes Konzert nach 172 Tagen!

Exactly 172 days ago, on March 2, I sang my last concert B.C. ( = before Corona), a St. Matthew Passion at the Musikverein Vienna. On August 20th, after a long forced break, the time had finally come and I was allowed to stand on stage again: in the world premiere of Johannes Kalitzke’s JEANNE D’ARC at the Carinthian Summer in Villach, my first concert P.C. ( =Post Corona – or rather C.C.= Cum Corona?) What an experience to finally be allowed to make music again with great musicians and in front of an audience!

Johannes Kalitzke | JEANNE D’ARC
World premiere and commissioned work of the Carinthian Summer
Church film opera after Carl Theodor Dreyer
August 20, 2020, Villach City Hall

Michaela Selinger, Jeanne
Katharina Magiera, Mother & Policewoman
Klemens Sander, father & policeman
Soloists of the St. Florian Boys’ Choir
Philharmonia Choir Vienna (rehearsal: Walter Zeh)
Carinthian Symphony Orchestra
Christina Bauer, sound direction & electroacoustics
Klaus Kuchling, organ
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

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