Belshazzar Applaus

21 Apr Last-minute jump-in in Handels “Belshazzar”

When you get the call at noon, learn the completely new role in the afternoon, and step in in the evening, at least there’s no time to get nervous!

This is what happened on February 24, 2023 at the MusikTheater an der Wien (Hall E Museumsquartier). More performances to follow!

An excerpt from the review of the classical music blog

“Excellent […] Klemens Sander, who had to replace Michael Nagl on this evening. According to the announcement, the baritone had learned and rehearsed with the orchestra in just a few hours; he sang from the orchestra pit while the assistant director performed the actions on stage. Chapeau to Mr. Sander; an excellent performance that certainly did not go unnoticed.”



Händel: Belshazzar

Besetzung 24.2.2023:
Robert Murray (Belshazzar)
Jeanine De Bique (Nitocris)
Vivica Genaux (Cyrus)
Eva Zaïcik (Daniel)
Klemens Sander (Gobrian – Gesang)
Taro Morikawa (Gobrian – Szene)

Christina Pluhar (Conductor)
Arnold Schönberg Chor

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